How-To Drippy

So you've got your kit and it's time to get your Drippy on. Keep reading to learn the drips and drops of creating your very own resin art creation!

Your Drippy kit should contain:

  • Drippy epoxy resin, Part A and Part B
  • 1 measuring cup
  • 6 mixing cups
  • 2 large stirring sticks and 6 small stirring sticks
  • 1 pair of disposable gloves
  • Your chosen colour palette
  • This handy how-to guide

Other things you may need:

  • A canvas of your choice. We recommend a primed wooden art board, wooden cutting board or our coaster 6-pack. Check out our favourite places to find resin art sufaces here
  • A plastic drop sheet or some cling wrap
  • Some tin cans or spare cups to rest your canvas on
  • A blowtorch/heat gun/embossing gun/kitchen lighter/hairdryer. Basically, something that creates heat


  1. First things first, prep your work surface. It’s important to set your workspace up properly before you begin getting’ Drippy. Work on a level surface that is free from dust, cookie crumbs or a strong breeze. Protect your worksurface with a drop sheet or some cling wrap to ensure you don’t get Drippy where you don’t want no Drippy (we recommend staying very far away from your prized antique rug when it comes to playing with resin!). Lay out your cups and colours – you’re ready to party.
  2. Get your canvas ready to become fantastic! Set up your canvas on your work surface by raising it up with some spare cups, old tin cans or anything flat and sturdy you have lying around the house. You want your canvas raised off the work surface to ensure the resin can drip off the edges and coat your entire piece.
  3. Organise your colours into mixing cups. Remember to start with a small amount of colour; you can always add more later. A good rule of thumb is to not exceed 10% pigment to resin ratio, as this can affect the texture and curing ability of the resin. Our pigments pack a punch, so you don’t need much.
  4. Mixing time! This is a good time to pop your gloves on. Using the provided measuring cup, measure out equal parts A and B resin. Combine the resin and using the large stirring stick provided, mix, mix, mix! Stir your resin for 2-3 minutes to ensure it is thoroughly combined and ready to pour. Don’t forget to scrape those sides as you go!
  5. Divide your resin as desired into your pigment cups and mix again until the pigment is completely combined with the resin. You can add more pigment if needed.
  6. Now this is where the real fun starts… decide if you want to do a dirty pour (it’s just as sexy as it sounds) or a layered pour. For a dirty pour, you will tip all your coloured resin back into one larger cup (your measuring cup works well for this) and then pour that big cup full of multi coloured resin onto your canvas. For a layered pour, you will pour each separate cup of coloured resin directly onto your canvas in the pattern you desire. This will give more separation to your colours, however you will still get some cool effects as the colours blend and mix together in some parts. For more infomation on what a dirty pour is and what a layered pour is, check out this post.
  7. Now that your resin is on your canvas, lift and tilt your canvas to encourage the resin to flow where you want it. You can also smoosh it around with your gloved hands or stirring stick. Just go crazy – Blob it, stripe it, swipe some white across it for a crashing wave effect (learn how to achieve this effect here. Remember you have 30-40mins to work with your resin until it begins to cure. Ask your mate Siri to set a timer ;)
  8. Once you are happy with your creation, fire up your blowtorch, heat gun or whatever heat creating device you have available and scan it over the resin to pop all the air bubbles; it’s nearly as satisfying as watching Dr Pimple Popper. Check the resin from different angles and under different lighting to ensure you caught all the bubbles.
  9. This is the hard part – no touchy-touchy for at least 12 hours. Leave it alone in a dust-free area to cure. It will be touch-dry in 12 hours and completely cured in 24 hours. If your house is a bit of a dust-bunny hazard zone, rig up a tent for your creation so it can cure in peace. Namaste.
  10. Go have a snack, fall into a Netflix black hole and emerge 12-24 hours later and admire your masterpiece! You are now a fancy artist. Share your creation on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us! @make_drippy.
  11. Bonus round: If you want to get rid of any drips on the back of your artwork, wait until it’s completely cured and then heat the drips up with a blowtorch/heat gun and slice them off with a stanley knife or craft knife. Voila!

If you have any questions about creating your Drippy Resin Art, get in touch with us at



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