Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling lost or just plain curious? Here are some of our most common FAQs. If you haven't found the answers you seek, get in touch with us at

What kind of resin do you sell?

We use an epoxy 2-part resin with a mixing ratio of 1:1 in all of our kits. For those that also want to get serious about using resin in moulds, we also offer a 2:1 Casting Resin, which is a bit thinner in consistency but cures to a more solid and durable finish so is better for use in delicate and small moulds. A 1:1 ratio is a little thicker than other epoxy ratios, meaning it is perfect for pouring on flat and slightly curved/textured surfaces and can also be used in molds. We think this is the most fool-proof and versatile resin out there! Click here for more in-depth product specs.

What is the best canvas to do my resin art on?

We suggest anything flat, non-absorbent and rigid like a wooden canvas, MDF board, wooden cutting board, glass, tile, ceramic, metal, concrete or plastic. You can also use a good quality stretched canvas or a reinforced canvas, however we recommend against this as you can experience some pooling or uneven finishes unless the canvas is thick and stretched tight.

Do you sell surfaces I can do my resin art on?

Resin can be applied to a plethora of surfaces so we leave that bit up to you. We also offer unvarnished pine boards and picnic tables which are ideal for creating beautiful custom resin homewares.

How long does Drippy resin take to dry?

Drippy resin will begin to cure in about 30-40 minutes after being mixed. You can tell when it begins to cure as it will start to become a little warm. You should aim to complete your resin art design within about 45-60 minutes. Your resin art should be touch-dry within 10-12 hours and fully cured and hardened after 24 hours.

I touched my resin whilst it was still drying and now it looks sad... what should I do?

NO touchy-touchy the Drippy until it is fully cured! (smoosh it all you like until it begins to cure at around the 60min mark). But if you just couldn't resist or a fly thought your resin art looked like an enticing pool of water (that fly has good taste), you can try to heat up the affected area with a blowtorch, lighter, heat gun or embossing gun. Heating the resin a little should melt it back into place unless it has cured for too long. Be careful not to apply heat for too long as the resin can burn if it gets too hot. For more troubleshooting information, check out our blog post all about it.

I have created a masterpiece, but how do I get the excess resin drips off the back?

Congrats! you are an artisté! But now you need to get your art ready to hang/spread cheese on. You can either avoid pesky resin drips by applying tape to the back of your work which you can then simply peel off once your piece has cured. If you have more of a chaotic energy and would rather dive right in to the resin and worry about the consequences later, that's fine too! Once your art has fully cured, you can heat up the resin drips with a blowtorch/heat gun/hairdryer and slice them off with a stanley knife or craft knife.

Do I have to use the pigments that come with my Drippy kit?

No! Resin can be coloured with inks, acrylic paint, pigment powders and glitters. If you want to paint with all the colours of the wind, go wild. Just don't use any water based or oil paints to colour your resin. We also recommend you do not exceed a ratio of 10% pigment to 90% resin as this can impact the texture and its ability to cure. Our pigments are all made in Australia and are high quality and intensely pigmented so you only need to use a little amount.

Can I mix things other than paint/pigment into my resin?

You bet! you can mix sand, glitter, pebbles, gold leaf, shells, beads, sequins, dried flowers - anything that doesn't contain moisture, really. If you want to up the ante, you can add gold leaf or glitter to your Drippy kit - shop add-ons here.

Is my finished resin creation dishwasher safe?

We do not recommend applying intense heat to your resin once it has cured. This means, do not use it as a pot holder, do not pop it in the microwave and don't chuck it in the dishwasher. Treat it with love and handwash only. Our resin is FDA approved and food safe so it can be used for serving food, just try not to hack away at it with a serated knife or you may get scratches - give it the glam life it deserves.