Where to find great canvases for your Drippy Resin art

The beauty of creating resin art is that you can do it on so many different kinds of surfaces and make every-day items look beautiful and personalised.

Whilst you can resin-ify so many things, there are some kinds of surfaces we wouldn't recommend. These include regular streched canvas or foam core boards. Basically you want to avoid anything stretchy, excessively bendy or pourous. Stretched fabric canvas can be ok if it is good quality as they are often stretched tighter than cheaper canvas or if it is reinforced with extra framing on the back; you want to avoid having your resin pool and sag in the middle of the canvas. Foam core board can be a cheap and appealing surface to resin but it can be a little pourous and bendy, so we wouldn't recommend it as a good canvas for your resin art.

Things we DO recommend include wooden boards such as cheeseboards, cutting boards or serving platters, planks of sturdy wood, wooden art boards, tiles, metal, glass, mirrors or rigid plastic; anything flat, rigid and non-pourous. You can also use Drippy Resin in silicone molds to create things like jewellery, coasters and trays.

Some of our favourite places to find great resin art canvases in Australia include:

  • Kmart (cutting boards, serving platters, mirrors)
  • IKEA (cutting boards, trinket boxes, soap dishes, other decor items)
  • Spotlight (wooden artboards)
  • Bunnings (wood planks, tiles, acrylic sheets)
  • TK Maxx (cheeseboards, decor)
  • Your local op shop or tip shop (tiles, mirrors, serving platters, old frames)
  • Art supply store (art boards, good quality stretched canvas)
  • Eckersley's (art boards, good quality canvas)
  • Aliexpress (resin molds)
  • Art Tree Creations (resin molds)

If you have any questions about Drippy Resin or how to create your artwork, just get in touch with us at contactdrippyresin@gmail.com

Happy Resin-ing

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