What is resin art anyway?!

So you might have heard about resin art or scrolled past videos on Instagram of colourful liquids being poured onto a canvas but what is really going on?? Surely this all looks too hard for a beginner? the answer is yes and no... resin art can be tricky to launch into as it's hard to know exactly what to use and where to source it but you'll be surprised to know that once you have all the tools you need, creating the art is the easy part. 

Resin art is made using a 2 part epoxy resin comprised of the resin and a hardener additive. In its liquid form it's kind of like mixing glue and once cured it has a glass like finish. You can get a bunch of different types of resin for different purposes; Drippy epoxy resin is a 2 part resin with a 1:1 mixing ratio. below is a quick overview of other types of resin and what they are best used for.

- UV resin: cures under UV light and is best for small mould making such as hairclips, earrings or buttons

- Epoxy resin 2:1 ratio: Can be used to cast in larger moulds or to add a clear coat to a painting. This can be used for resin art but is a bit thin and takes a longer time to cure so is not ideal. a 1:1 ratio is thicker and cures a little faster meaning you get more control with your resin

- Epoxy resin with other mixing ratios: Best used for industrial purposes such as kitchen benchtops or garage flooring as these are designed to have a particular viscosity and often a much shorter curing time. These types of resins are not good for creating art

Anyway enough of the boring stuff! Resin art is created by mixing pigments/paints/glitters/dyes into epoxy resin and then pouring it onto a surface... it's really that simple. You can colour your resin with acrylic paint, dyes, inks, pigment powders - pretty much anything that doesn't have a high water content or is oil based. We prefer to use high-quality pigments to colour our resin as we find this gives the best effect.

Resin art is best created on a flat, rigid and non-pourous surface, such as cutting boards, wooden planks, wooden art boards/canvas, coasters, tabletops, serving platters, etc. Resin art is the easiest way to add a special touch to homewares or create a professional looking painting that you'll be proud to hang.

The possibilities are endless with resin art and better yet, anyone can do it no matter your skill level or artistic ability. Most importantly though, creating resin art is fun and gives your creative side a chance to take over and run free. So what are you waiting for?! purchase a DIY resin art kit and find your flow.

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