Tips For Throwing an At-Home Resin Party!

Ever wanted to do a Resin Paint and Sip but just haven't been able to find a suitable class or managed to rally up a mate to drag along? Why not throw your own resin class at home! It's easier than you think... plus you don't have to find a lift home if you get carried away on the vinos ;)

Keep reading for our tips for making your resin party a success!

1. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! 

Get all your supplies and anything you might need, out and ready because once you're gloved up and pouring, things are going to get messy and you won't want to go traipsing through the house to find that pack of glitter you could have sworn was just in the top drawer... 

Having everything layed out and ready to go will make for a stress free party.

2. Snack strategically

Crafting on an empty stomach is never a good idea - make sure you and your guests hit the nibbles early or save them for after the resin is done because you definitely don't want to be getting resin on your food! Also make sure any drinks are served in disposable glasses as anything you touch will end up with resin everywhere!

3. Location, location, location

If you can avoid it, don't set up for a resin party outside (unless you want to trap some bugs in resin!) and definitely don't set up in direct sunlight. Resin is very temperature sensitive and direct sunlight can warm the resin up too fast making it flash cure. Ideally, set up in a room with a stable temperature and hardwood or tile floors - resin on carpet is NOT fun.

4. Keep it Clean!

Have cleaning supplies handy for any emergencies - paper towels, isopropyl alcohol/nail polish remover/methylated spirits, extra gloves, hand sanitiser are all handy items to keep close when working with resin. Most solvents will remove wet resin and pigment and an alcohol based hand sanitiser is a great way to get sticky resin off hands.

5. Most importantly of all, have fun!

Make sure to take some pictures along the way and have a good time - remember it's not a competition and resin art is all about having fun and letting go. Try new techniques and don't be afraid to make mistakes - as Bob Ross would say, theres no such thing as mistakes, just happy accidents!

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