Resin Artists we are OBSESSING Over

If you've made it here, you're probably familiar with resin art - mesmerising resin pours are all over social media and it looks like everyone is making amazing art these days! 

You might have noticed we're a little obsessed with resin art! And you might be on the same page as us when it comes to resin, however if your eyes have only just been opened to the wonderful world of resin art then you have to check out these incredible resin artists.

Anna Quartz

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Anna Quartz is a resin artist based in Canada and before discovering resin art she was a makeup artist. She specialises in incredible large scale resin geode art, however she does also create resin geode cheeseboards and mini canvases if her large wall art is a bit out of your price range! Definitely follow her on Instagram and Tiktok if you don't already as her videos are MESMERISING. You won't regret it.

Alex Labunets/Undiluted Art

Based in Seattle in the US, Alex is a resin artist whose moody paintings contain elaborate layers and ribbon like streaks. Not only does she create beautiful resin art but she also teaches private classes online so if you're looking really level up your resin skills, check her out. We can't get enough of her unique style and incredible details and textures she achieves in her works. Her Instagram is one of our faves 

Mitch Gobel

Mitch is a Byron Bay based artist working predominantly with resin. He creates huge, multilayered, vibrant artworks that you can't help but get lost in. Mitch sells prints of his art as well as originals and he makes yoga mats with his artwork printed on them - so zen! Not only can you spy some inspiring resin art on his Instagram, but he posts plenty about his enviable life in the Byron Bay hinterland with wife Sally Mustang and their baby boy. 

Lizzy and Me

Jazzy of Lizzy and Me lives and creates in rural NSW. She handmakes resin homewares, jewellery and accessories full of fun, bright colours, glitter and gold. Not only is her work SUPER affordable and practical but they totally give you bragging rights when serving up the chips and dips. Follow her on Instagram to make sure you're in the know when she drops a new collection - her work is seriously covetable and kind on the wallet! 

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