How to Dry and Preserve Flowers in Resin

Whether its your bridal bouquet, sentimental flowers or just a beautiful bunch you're wanting to preserve, encasing them in resin is a great way to do just that, however theres a few tips and tricks you can use to ensure you get it right! It can be a little trickier than it looks...

Firstly, you need to dry your flowers - there can be no moisture present in your flowers when you encase them in resin as this can make the resin cure cloudy or it can slowly deteriorate your resin from the inside out - not a pretty look. You can dry your flowers by either air drying or pressing, however to retain some colour and original shape to your flowers, we like to dry them in silica sand, specifically for drying flowers. You can find this online quite easily. 

You will need to ensure your flowers are fully submerged in the silica sand and in an airtight container for at least 5 days and sometimes up to 14 days depending on how much moisture is in your flower and the surrounding environment. 

Not all flowers will withstand the drying process - more robust flowers will do well and delicate flowers or ones that contain a lot of moisture won't do so well. Also try to dry your flowers when they are fresh, flowers that have been sitting around in a vase all week won't be ideal. If all this flower nonsenses seems like far too much effort, check out our pre-dried flowers!

Once you have your dried flowers, it's time to choose your mould! For larger arrangements and for keeping the original shape of larger flowers, you can use silicone cake moulds, or buy specialty moulds online, however these can get to be quite expensive. Pressed flowers will fit into more common moulds like our coaster and trinket dish moulds

Pour a thin layer of resin (We prefer our casting resin for delicate or deep moulds, however our craft resin can also be used and poured in thinner layers) into the bottom of your mould and arrange your flowers as desired. Once you are happy with your arrangements, pour resin up to half way on the flowers. If you cover the flowers completely in resin for the first layer, the flowers will float up to the top of the mould and may move about. By pouring your mould in 2 or more layers, you will ensure your flowers stay right where you want them.

Once your flowers are covered and your resin is cured, demould and enjoy your flowers forever!

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