Can You Use Drippy Resin in Moulds??

Resin is a magical thing - paint with it, coat with it, pretty up a cheeseboard, or even pour it into a mould to make jewellery, keyrings, or trinket dishes!

Resin mould from Amazon

Seems simple on the surface, but if you've made it to this blog post, you've probably done your research and found out that there are many types of resin; so which is best for casting in moulds?!

Although we talk a lot about cheeseboards/charcuterie boards (we love them a lot!) a tonne, you can actually use Drippy resin to cast in moulds up to 3cm deep. As Drippy Epoxy Resin has great bubble releasing abilities and a crystal clear finish, it works great not only on step-casting applications such as paintings and cheeseboards, but also performs really well in mould casting. 

For casting in deeper moulds, you might want to try using a 2:1 ratio resin - this can take a little longer to cure, but because it is thinner you get a super precise cast and a rock solid finish in deeper moulds once cured. 

When it comes to colouring your resin when casting in moulds, you can use the Drippy pigment palettes provided in the kit. These are great especially if you want an opaque finish. You can also tint your resin with less pigment for a more transluscent effect. Casting in moulds is also a really great chance to have a little fun with add-ins such as glitter, gold leaf, dried flowers or shells. If you're wanting a really transluscent tinted effect to your resin moulds you can try colouring it with ink or a small amount of acrylic paint. A handy hack to make some ink is to soak a pen or highlighter nib in some isopropyl alcohol for a few hours - we love doing this for fluroescent ink! Another fun way to colour resin in moulds for cool effects it a few drops of alcohol ink - as alcohol reacts with the resin, alcohol inks create an amazing watermarble type effect in your resin, just don't go overboard as less is more - just try to add a few drops once you have poured your resin and swirl it around with a mixing stick.

alcohol ink in resin effect. Image sourced from

If your curious about trying mould casting with resin but not sure where to start, check out Amazon for some fun resin moulds, grab some Drippy resin and get crafting! Mould casting can also be an easy way for beginners to get a feel for resin as there is much less mess and wastage and less room for error than there can be with step casting applications. 

Drippy resin with ink, alcohol ink and glitter. Alphabet mould from Amazon

resin planter pot made using a home made silicone mould

If you have any questions about how best to use Drippy resin, get in touch with us!

xoxo, Drippy.

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