3 Ways to Finish Your Resin Art With Gold

There's something about gold that just makes our eyes light up! Finishing your resin artworks with a hint of gold can be the perfect way to add a touch of oppulence to your work but it can be hard to know how to add gold and keep it there. Keep reading to find out our 3 most favourite ways to gild our resin art.

1. Gold Leaf

The first and perhaps the most obvious way to add some gold to your resin art is with some gold foil leaf - most commonly you'll see gold leaf added to resin art in the pouring process, however we love adding gold foil leaf to the edges of our resin art creations after the resin pour has cured. Adding it in this way will give a different effect to your resin art as you get more control and you can lay it flat on the piece which looks more intentional - nothing more lush than golden edges on a resin cheeseboard! The easiest way to achieve this effect is to use some foil glue (available from most art stores) or any glue that dries tacky, and pat on the gold foil leaf. You can then burnish it flat onto your surface by dusting over it with a soft paint brush or makeup brush. If you are doing this technique on a piece of functional art like a cheeseboard or coasters, we recommend doing another clear resin flood coat on top to lock it in and keep it looking shiny and golden.

2. Gold Pigment + Varnish

This has got to be our favourite way to add gold and finish off the edges on our resin artwork - particularly cheeseboards and coasters! Achieve this method by mixing gold pigment powder with clear gloss varnish and painting it anywhere you want to add some gold. This method is by far the quickest, easiest, shiniest and most durable way to add gold. All you have to do is paint it on and wait for it to dry - it doesn't need to be sealed in with more resin as the varnish has a hardy finish and it also adheres to the resin very well.

3. Gold Paint Marker

If you're looking for quick, easy and accessible, this method is for you! Paint pens are affordable and readily available at most art stores and stationary stores so when you're in a pinch and just can't wait for an online order to arrive, paint pens are a great option. If you're wanting to get a super metallic finish from a gold, silver or copper pen, our favourite brand of marker is Krylon. Posca also do great options for colours - remember you arent locked into a metallic finish! experiment with fun pops of bright colours to compliment your resin art. 

Do you have any other fun ways to finish your resin artworks? Let us know by leaving a comment or tagging us on Instagram! We love trying new techniques!


Team Drippy xoxo

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